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Dr. Hossam Tahseen is Consultant of Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, graduate from Cairo University of Medicine, Faculty member and professor of Medicine Plastic Surgery, Cairo Uni- versity.

Dr. Tahseen is one of the pioneers of Plastic Surgery in Egypt and Middle East, has performed thousands of successful cases and always brought up to date machinery and tech- niques from all over the world into the Plastic Surgery field in Egypt and the Middle East.

Dr. Tahseen is Also A Member of many renowned plastic surgery related associations and organizations, such as:

Founder and President of the Egyptian Medical Association of beauty and anti-aging

-Member of the International Society for Plastic Surgery

-Member of the Egyptian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and reformation.

He is also, an international lecturer and instructor in cosmetic surgery in international conferences and scientific and a regional lecturer in various specialized international conferences in the here Middle East.

i advice every one who is seeking a beauty and a good shape go to dr Tahseen

eman naser

the most professional doctor ever.

Rana Gamal

The best doctor ever

Raniaa Yehia

The best surgeon in Egypt

Amr Elramly

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Raniaa Yehia

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please  call us on 16713

& from outside Egypt

Call +20223221803

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