Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery in Egypt has a very important rule for people who want to achieve a perfect body shape, especially with the extreme development in these technologies and the devices used in them.

Between the lines of our article, you will find more information about the types of body Contouring & Sculpting operations, the conditions for undergoing this type of operation, the benefits of each technique, and how to determine the cost of it.

With Dr. Hossam Tahseen, Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Medicine Consultant – Professor of Plastic Surgery at Cairo University.


Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery in Egypt.


 Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery is the kind of plastic surgery, which target fat removal using a variety of techniques; There are many types of body sculpting operations in Egypt that differ according to the techniques used to sculpt the body.

some of them use cooling; others use heat, and others use lasers and the latest technologies.


Advantages of Body Contouring & Sculpting operations.

The most distinguishing feature of body Contouring & Sculpting operations, is its ability to sculpt the body with a high accuracy rate, in addition to other advantages such as:

  • Get a perfect body shape safely without the risks of surgery.
  • most of the techniques used in the operation don’t leave scars on the body.
  • Speed ​​of recovery, the patient can leave the hospital on the same day.
  • Get extremely accurate results, especially with the Tahseen 4D body sculpting technique.
  • Helping the client to sculpt the body in the way that he wants, and it can be done for different areas in the body as Abdominal muscle sculpting for men or curvy body sculpting for women.
  • All results are achieved accurately if the operation is performed by a physician with sufficient experience and skill; In addition to choosing the most appropriate and latest techniques.

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Tahseen 4d liposculpture technique

Despite the numerous body sculpting techniques, the 4D body sculpting technique remains the best. 

This technique is considered the best because it takes care of 4 dimensions of the body during sculpting:

1- length.

2- width.

3- depth.

4- dynamic movement.

So, this technique needs a highly-skilled plastic surgeon to determine what the client needs according to the nature of the body and how to achieve this requirement in the best way.

Tahseen 4d liposculpture, why it’s considered the best?

Among the Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery in Egypt, the Tahseen 4d liposculpture technique is very popular. This is because:

  • It achieves excellent results with the utmost precision.
  • The fresh look of tight skin without any streaks or lumps.
  • Quick recovery without any complications.
  • About 90% of the results remain unchanged over the years.


4D Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery steps:

 Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery according to Tahseen 4d liposculpture technique needs a stage of preparation before the operation.


Before the operation

  • The patient undergoes a series of laboratory tests and examinations to ensure the stability of his health condition.
  • Stop smoking for at least a month before and after the operation.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions regarding diet before the operation.
  • Talk to the doctor about the medications that you take to determine what you should stop.
  • Assess the case to determine the amount of fat to be removed and the areas that need an additional fat injection.


During operation

The body Contouring & Sculpting operations are carried out according to the Tahseen 4d liposculpture technique in two stages, the first is liposuction, and the second is the high-definition sculpting stage, these stages are done in these steps:

  •  Drawing the muscles and defining their shape to help the physician during the operation.
  • Using local anesthetic to numb the instrument entry locations only without resorting to general anesthesia.
  • A VASER device is used to help dissolve fat, making it easier to suction.
  • The stage of liposuction comes through small incisions that allow entry of the suction tube.
  • The doctor starts liposuction from the places which he considers to have excess fat that must be removed.
  • The fat is processed and injected again into the areas that need augmentation to reach the desired body shape.
  • The high-definition sculpting is done by suctioning the fine fat surrounding the muscles to give the body a perfect appearance.
  • After completion, the skin is treated with a device (J plasma) which decreases the appearance of scars.
  • Once completed, the doctor closures the incisions and places a compression bandage around the area to reduce the risk of swelling or infection.


Types of Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery in Egypt:

As long as we are talking about body sculpting operations in Egypt; We have to clarify that, the technique of 4D sculpting is not the only one, but also, we have different techniques like:


Coolsculpting is one of the techniques that can be used in body contouring & sculpting operations and has a set of characteristics, including:

  • Body sculpting is done by freezing fat cells at 5°C.
  • This cooling works to break down fat in preparation for its disposal through the body’s lymphatic and urinary system.
  • Coolsculpting can achieve good results, but gradually over a period of 4 to 6 months after the end of the sessions.
  • Coolsculpting does not cause any pain, and if the patient feels some tingling due to the temperature, simple local anesthesia is sufficient.

This technique is suitable for people who are close to their ideal weight and who want to get rid of localized fat.


Laser body sculpting

In this technique, the sculpting process is done by laser beams that can dissolve fats to be disposed of the body later through sweat or urine.

Sometimes this technology isn’t suitable for curved areas of the body, because the arm of the device is flat.


Vaser body sculpting

It is one of the body sculpting techniques that used in Egypt, and this procedure is done using ultrasound body sculpting technology.

the steps of this procedure:

  • The physician makes a very small incision that is sufficient to insert the cannula.
  • A liquid saline solution called tumescent fluid is pumped to increase the thickness of the fat layer.
  • Tumescent fluid facilitates lipolysis and converts the fat into a liquid substance.
  • After that, the doctor begins to suction the liquid fat.

This procedure is characterized by the breakdown of fat without damaging the integrity of the tissues & also its ability in targeting the tiny fat that lies between the fibers and the muscle.


Each body sculpting procedure in Egypt helps to reach an ideal body; But if we want to compare them, we will find that the Tahseen 4d liposculpture technique is the best for its ability to reach the most accurate fat cells located between the fibers and muscles.


The price of the Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery in Egypt

The question about the cost of Body Contouring & Sculpting surgery is frequently asked, but in fact, it is difficult to determine the price of these operations, because the price of the operation is determined by a group of factors that change from one case to another, such as:

  • The type of technique used for body sculpting.
  • The amount of fat accumulated.
  • The body shape is targeted by the client (athletic, curly).
  • The size of the area to be sculpted (one area or the whole body).
  • The experience and skills of the doctor.
  • Types of anesthesia used in the operation.


Patient experience with body Contouring & Sculpting operations

“My experience with the 4D body sculpting process was one of the best experiences in my life, I got the curvy body exactly as I wanted, all without suffering from any side effects, even the pain after the operation was not difficult; also, analgesics and antibiotics helped on the speed of recovery, I have a perfect body shape after around 3-6 months thanks to the skill of Dr. Hossam Tahsin.


Is body sculpting painful?

Undergoing body Contouring & Sculpting operations is completely painless. The operations are performed under local anesthesia, and the patient then takes analgesics to avoid any feeling of pain.

Does fat return again after body sculpting operations?

The continuation of the results of body sculpting operations requires the patient's commitment after the operation to a healthy lifestyle by adhering to a healthy balanced diet and exercising.

How long does the 4D body sculpting process take?

The time of any body's Contouring & Sculpting operations depends on the size of the area to be sculpted. However, on average, it may take between two to four hours.